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Updated: Apr 19, 2018

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them~~~Walt Disney

Go ahead, scream, shout, and give your bestie a hi-five. You have almost made it through your first year of college! Remember the nervousness, and excitement you felt beginning your first week of college. For some of you, you just could not believe you were finally here- at college! I am sure this year brought new challenges. I am also sure you had unforgettable adventures you will remember for a life time. Remember struggling in locating your classes on campus? What a big difference it is in walking down the hallway to class in high school versus walking what can feel like miles to a class across campus. You may have had butterflies taking flight in your stomach as you entered your first class. Or maybe you felt a sense of pride as you began your journey of earning your college degree. You may be the first in your family to attend college. Kudos for you if you are! Regardless of how you may have felt your very first day; you have persevered, learned from mistakes, and are now at the end of your freshmen year. Is there anything you would have done differently? Is there one special moment your freshmen year you wish you could relive? Or maybe a moment you would like to forget?

Freshmen year can be difficult for some as you transition from home to having an abundance of FREEDOM to make decisions of your very own. No one to tell you when to get up, when curfew is, no parent right there watching your every move! It is true, some of your fellow peers that started out with at the beginning of your freshmen year will not be there graduation day. Why? There are simply too many reasons to list. For some partying became more important than academics or relationships became their sole point of interest. Or it could be some may have realized college is not what they desired for themselves.

For whatever reason, they have not made it to the point where you are now. So go ahead give yourself a pat on the back, scream Yippee Woot, Woot, or better yet BE PROUD OF YOURSELF.

In meeting with many Freshmen throughout the years, most have said the following tips have helped them become Successful not just their Freshmen year, but their Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.

1. Forming positive relationships with others who have goals of completing college

2. Even though it is so much fun to attend parties, and all the activities at college-----Academics come before Fun(Focus on earning your degree)

3. Running as fast as you can from toxic relationships and negativity

4. Rather than not turning in an assignment at all, speak with your professor to

explain why you are late in completing the assignment, and ask if you can still turn it in. 5. Asking for help (It can be hard to ask, but if you need help with a course ask for help)

6. Having a strong support system (The support system can consist of family,

organizations, friends, mentors, etc.)

7. Being a part of organizations that empower and help you to network(student

government, choir, leadership organizations, band, athletics )


Finally, gear up. If you made it through Freshmen year, you will make it through your Sophomore year too. You did it! The best is yet to come---KEEP STRIVING TRAILBLAZERS!! YOU ARE FEARLESS FRESHMEN soon to be Sensational Sophomores!

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