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I am Sylvia Walton, an author, poet and playwright. Honestly, I have always loved writing and reading, even as a small child. Writing for me is like the air we naturally breathe: it is a vital part of my life.

Strive to be the best you


I believe words have the power to heal, transform, and help others see their potential in ways they may not have imagined. A great joy for me is seeing people pursue and reach their dreams. Those that others have counted out, and looked upon as not being able to reach their dreams - when I see them divinely reach their goals, I become supercharged!

I enjoy writing stories to uplift and empower. Yes, my favorite is writing stories that cause you to STRIVE TO BE THE BEST YOU EVER! Have you ever read something and you had an Aha moment? Most of us have. For some of us, the Aha moment literally changed our lives. My life has been one of great joys, trials and miraculous moments of divine triumphs. Yet, I have learned some awesome lessons along the way.

I am humbly grateful that you have joined me on this journey, and stopped by to read the content that is published. My prayer is you are encouraged, uplifted, motivated and know beyond everything else YOU ARE WORTHY!

Thank You!

Never Stop Believing in You!

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