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"1 Voice", by Sylvia Walton
Released August 2018

1 Voice

Can bullying have long-term effects on students? Is there help for those that bully others? Is one child being bullied; one too many? Does your voice matter in changing the life of a student being bullied?

YES! Most definitely! In the novel, "1 Voice," you will journey with Simone and Brooklyn, 8th grade students of Hammond Middle School as they face the trials of BULLYING. The novel will give the reader the point of view of not only the student being bullied; it will also provide a unique perspective of what may have caused the BULLY to resort to hurting others through words and actions.

Does Simone stand up to the bully? Were there people that took a stand to help her? Were there students who watched Simone being tortured by the bully? This and so much more will be revealed in this heart-stirring, thought provoking novel that will leave students realizing Taking a Stand Against Bullying can be life-changing for a student being bullied. Students will understand the importance of their VOICE, and will begin to freely speak out against this issue that faces the nation. 

There is power in "1 Voice." This is a must read for students!

Book Signing

One Voice

One September 30, 2018, the first book signing for "One Voice" was done in great affair! With amazing support, Sylvia Walton showcased her passion and love behind the purpose of the book, and allowed others to share their heartfelt love. Of those in attendance were family, friends and countless others that have shown support during this process. Finally, the evening was wrapped up into a convicting challenge to youth and adults to be the voice and change that this world desperately needs.



"One Voice is an awesome novel for all tweens and teens. The characters bring to light the truth about bullying in our society today. Sylvia Walton opens up the dialogue of various social problems that impact our children both emotionally and mentally. The setting is realistic and allows young readers to connect to the literature. This is a novel that is relative to readers from all walks of life." 


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