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2020...........A New Year...........A Fresh Start

It’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes all of the wonderful, amazing, shocking, even turbulent things of the past year rush into your mind like a forceful wind on a stormy day. You can’t help feeling overjoyed in thinking of a fresh start in entering into a new year. A new year brings excitement of what’s to come. A new year brings the joy of knowing you can put past mistakes behind you. You now realize the mistakes were learning lessons for you.

Beyond making new year’s resolutions of promises of things we will either start, or cease doing in the new year……….let’s start with being grateful for the amazing adventures, accomplishments, opportunities, and joy of spending time with loved ones that will occurred in 2019 and will occur in 2020.

I was recently told by a close relative we should wake up each day expecting greatness to flow from us, and thinking of how we can bless someone else. I know this beyond a doubt to be how we should all strive to live. Knowing you have greatness within you assures you that whatever 2020 may bring you will not give up or give in…… (No giving up, period) The second part of what my relative told me in regards to blessing others has been the greatest joy for me. For example, when you give to others whether it is time, gifts, etc. you truly feel like you are bubbling over with sheer happiness in knowing you have made someone beyond happy. For me what I have noticed about my life when I give to others it comes back to me in the most beautiful ways.

So, beyond anything else know those dreams, adventures, and ideas you have, still can be possible for you. Yes, it may require hard work, networking with others, totally coming out of your comfort zone, and strategizing but anything is possible. Sometimes it's as simple as making your first step. As long as you are moving forward you are on your way to making progress. Always know your journey does not have to look like anyone else’s simply because it is unique to you…….and you only.

2020………..A Fresh Start for YOU. 2020.......... New Adventures & Blessings 2020..........Unstoppable Momentum


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