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Leaning & Learning (Women Helping Women-Ultimate Win)

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

"If I win; you win. Learning, leaning, and supporting one another victoriously" ~~S. Walton

“I can do it myself! I don’t need any help from anyone!” These are words I overheard as an angry woman quickly ran past me. What had angered her? Why was she in such a rush? This will forever remain unknown to me. She was so angry I don’t believe she even noticed me or anyone else that was near her as she passed us. “I can do it myself” are words I have heard before and I have even said myself on many occasions. There are many things we can do on our own without any assistance. Sometimes we are put in a position where we must do things on our own. Sometimes we may be afraid to ask others for help due to past disappointments in relying on others for assistance. I will share a secret with you that some learn early in life, some learn later in life, and unfortunately some leave this earth without ever knowing.

We exist, thrive, and flourish as we begin to lean, and learn from others. Leaning on others is hard for some because this is seen as a sign of weakness. Definitely, not so! All of us need help at times in our lives. We are designed to be helpers one to another. That simply means it’s OK to lean on others for support, to gain strength, and knowledge. What typically happens is you may need to lean on someone for support, and ultimately someone may need to lean on you for support at some point. Each one of us has abilities, talents, knowledge, and resources we can use to help others. For many of us, it may mean simply asking someone for help. No one will know you need assistance if you do not ask. If you are one who normally does not ask for help, this may feel very uncomfortable at first; don’t let that stop you. Reach out to someone if support is needed.

This is something I have noticed, and it has puzzled me at times. For example, Sally may have a wealth of knowledge in a particular area. Victoria knows Sally has knowledge in this particular area but is ashamed to ask for help from Sally. I want to scream to the top of my lungs, “Victoria ask Sally for help. She wants to share with someone all she has learned.” Actually, what I have been taught is what we have learned, even experiences we have had can help someone else in the journey of life. It provides reassurance, and a sense of peace for most of us when someone can share how they were able to make it through a tough situation we may be experiencing at the very moment. It can serve as evidence that if they made it, YOU can too.

WE learn from each other

WE thrive from fellowship with positive people

WE can lean on each other in times of need

WE can lean on each other when we are experiencing turbulent times in our lives

WE can lean and gain strength from others.

WE never have to be ashamed to ask for help if we need it

WE can share experiences to help others learn, and grow spiritually

WE can be an answer to someone’s private prayer

WE can show love unconditionally as someone reaches out for help

WE can with God’s help serve as a light as someone moves through a period of darkness in their lives

WE can celebrate as others accomplish, reach dreams, and soar to new heights in areas of their lives.

WE are designed to help, assist, and connect with others

We sharpen our tools to assist us in life as we learn from each other

WE are designed to be VICTORIOUS & WIN IN OUR LIVES

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Jul 12, 2018


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