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Do you see the Masterpiece You Are when you look in the mirror?

When you look in the Mirror what do you see? Do you immediately begin to look at pimples, scars, or your perceived flaws? It has been said we are our worst critique of ourselves. Before writing this, I truly looked in the mirror. I mean I truly took a hard look at myself. I didn’t want to ask you to do something that I had not done myself. Now, I know we look in the mirror everyday, as we wash our faces, check our makeup, or do a final view of ourselves before rushing out of the house in the morning. Yet there is a difference when you truly take a hard look at the person that stares back at you. When I looked in the mirror, I saw my pecan brown skintone, facial features similar to my father, moles I inherited from my grandfather………….and I saw more. The more I looked…….the more I saw. I saw God’s creation, a masterpierce. I saw someone who had battled with many adversities, but somehow with the God’s Grace is still STANDING. I saw someone who had danced in the rain, written novel chapters in New York, and who finds so much pleasure in helping others. I began to see me………the total me……not just who the world may see……..but who God created me to be.

At a women’s conference last night the theme was, “Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken". Profound right? I thought so too. It simply means no one else can be a better you than YOU. No need to compare yourself to anyone else, Period. I have heard many women say, “I wish I was her size, or had her eyes, was her complexion or had her physique.” Are you saying God, made a mistake in the phenomenal way he created you? Are you saying he made errors in his masterpiece of you? Sisters, please listen closely. You are not a mistake, and the outstanding way he created you is not a mistake.

In another blog, I said there are no comparisons necessary amongst women. This still holds true for me. What would our world look like if everyone looked the same, had the same gifts, and acted the same? Blah, no pizzaz! I am so glad we live in a world of diversity, with people of different nationalities, and variety in beauty of others. I am so GLAD GOD MADE YOU!! I am so overjoyed he made you unique, made you to be one of a kind, and he made you to do absolutely wonderful things in the world.

If you find yourself always comparing yourself to others. Realize you may look at someone else and feel they are carefree and have no worries. What you don’t know is whoever the person is that you are comparing yourself to has a story of adversities, triumphs, joys, and tragedies. You do not know the full story of the other person. Know that you have purpose. Know that your life is worth living. Know that you have been created by God. You were created to influence others whether it is the people in your home, workplace, church, community, or the world. Use all of your unique abilities, personality, strengths, and special qualities that make you, the Original World Changer that YOU ARE!!

After you realize just how amazing YOU ARE, pass it on to ENCOURAGE & UPLIFT ANOTHER SISTER!!!

Many Blessings to YOU

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