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A New Outlook............A New Day

A “new normal” what does that truly mean? To many it is the realization that the way they existed prior to the pandemic is no more. It is a New Day, a New Time, & a New Outlook. 2020, gripped many with discovering a new way of existing totally different than anything they had ever known before. It was simply taking each day as it came. It was taking a deep breath, strategizing, and trying to prepare for what new may be awaiting with the dawning of each day. For many this time evoked fear, confusion, unanswered questions, and the list goes on & on……. Yet for many even though they may have experienced things they never thought imaginable……..Resilience, Strength, and Perseverance have emerged. Strength and Resilience have come to graciously help those who have felt confusion move from Surviving to Thriving. A New Day, ultimately a New Outlook.

The new outlook has caused most to truly treasure family, friends, loved ones, and community. A sense of gratitude has emerged in savoring the essence of every moment. Gratitude in realizing those things overlooked or taken for granted have now become oh so important. It has been said “You don’t truly miss something until it is gone.” I know firsthand this to be very true. What we have experienced as a nation from the pandemic to so many changes in our world has caused gratefulness to arise at a higher level.

In talking with many on a weekly basis, all have been impacted by the changes in our nation in many ways. Yet, many have arisen standing taller, with new determination, new sense of importance of community, as well as rediscovering purpose. This time has forever changed all of us at some level.

My word of encouragement to you is simply this: Continue to live for purpose. Continue to know you make a difference daily in someone’s life just by being YOU. Know you are valuable and have so much to offer the world. Never forget your actions, and words have the Power to BUILD or TEAR DOWN. Just know the world is better, and brighter because of YOU


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