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Humility (Does it mean I forget about myself ?)

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Humility........ What does that truly mean? Why should I become humble? My life is busy, I'm living my best life....I don't have time to be humble. I hear you......and you are not alone with this question. Humility, as one pastor explained to his congregation is, " Humility doesn't mean you do not love yourself. It means you simply think of yourself less, and others more." The definition of humility is a modest view of one's importance, and freedom from pride or arrogance. We know all too well we live in a society, where much of the focus can be self and self only. Just think, what would our world truly resort to if we solely focussed on ourselves only, what benefited us only, only what we desire, and no thought for others. Just thinking like this makes me want to run for cover. It helps me to understand that thinking this way is truly no existence at all (of anyone suffering from Me-itis/only thinking of oneself).

Yes, we are to love ourself, take care of ourselves holistically, and invest into our lives!! Afterall, we truly can't invest into others unless we invest in ourselves first. Being humble is being ever so grateful for even the smallest of blessings, realizing the importance of others, and knowing investing into others (organizations), and giving back to community/causes in even the smallest of ways can benefit so many.

Growing up.......I was frequently told to always be thankful, treat others well, and be humble. So, those are qualities I have strived in life to possess at all costs. I wholeheartedly believe many times when others become very self-absorbed.......there is something they may be missing in life, can possibly be their desire for more attention, it could be a mindset from childhood, or it's totally their perspective. Honestly, being humble helps you to see the world from a totally new perspective. It's a brand new fabulous way of embracing others, the community, helping others, and the world with more love, understanding, and focus on others.......while still being beyond grateful for what you have, and the unique, beautiful, amazing person YOU ARE!!!!

So, go AHEAD begin the Humility Journey!! HUMILITY is life-changing and it is a life-change worth making!!!!

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