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Why Do I need a Gratitude Journal?

Updated: May 8

Why is a gratitude journal important? Ok, honestly writing daily in a gratitude journal is something I found so much pleasure in doing. Yes, you read it correctly, I said "found". Simply put, life got busier and busier so the gratitude journal was put to the side, and unfortunately forgotten. So, why is a gratitude journal really important especially now?

If you look at our news, you can clearly see our world is in a state of urgency. Many have resorted to lessening their watching of the news for fear of seeing all of the turmoil and tragedy of our present day. Please understand, there are wonderful things occurring in our world.......yet many times the news displays more of the negative versus the positive in our world.

A gratitude journal is simply daily writing down a specific number of things your are grateful for, for the day. For me, I would select five things I had observed in my day that I was grateful for. It's important especially now because it shifts your focus. You begin to seek daily things you have to be grateful for as you go about your daily activities. It's almost as though you begin to see things differently, and have a thirst//appreciation for even the smallest of blessings. Now in your own gratitude journal you can select as many items you would like to daily log of what you are grateful for. Typically in my journal, I would put the date for the day, and simply have specific time to write down my five things I was beyond grateful for, for the day. An example of one of my journal entries was 1)conversation with an elderly relative who shared words of wisdom 2) a special note a student left for me 3)enjoying nature this afternoon 4) kind words of a stranger in the grocery store 5) reading the daily inspirational message for the day.

So you see it's very simple to do. It's simple but it is so impactful. As, I said it totally changes your perspective. So yes, I will be returning to writing in my gratitude journal.

Just for a few moments, even if you do not start a gratitude journal begin to think about the things you are grateful for daily.

Yes, we have experienced so much in the last years. Yes, there are some of you that have experienced many challenges prior to the pandemic but YOU SURVIVED.

Life can definitely have challenges for all of us. A gratitude journal really helps you to focus more on the positives of life, blessings, and unexpected, wonderful surprises of the day.

Happy Journalling !!!

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