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Give up.......I DON'T THINK SO

Updated: Jul 6, 2022


The grandmother shouted, “You simply can’t stop now.” Her granddaughter, Elaina looked puzzled, and wondered why her grandmother seemed so serious. The grandmother smiled because she knew this was going to be a teachable moment for her granddaughter. Elaina was returning back to college for her senior year after being out 6 months due to the loss of her father, and uncle.

“Baby, yes you have had trials that seem almost unbearable, but you can’t stop because of the lives you are destined to reach, and touch. Your father and uncle would want you to fight for your future and the future of all those you will impact. No, you cant stop now…… PRESS ON, with tears, but KEEP PRESSIN’.

How many of us have started something and mid-way, had doubts if it would actually become a reality? Or maybe you started something and wonder if you can truly complete it, or were you meant to do what you actually started? Yes, many of us have had doubts, fears, and confusion. Yes, we may have more emotions than we would like to admit when trying to complete a project, a new venture, or something we feel we have been called to do. Honestly, it’s ok to self-reflect. It’s ok to think things through if you need to. Yet, if you truly feel called to do something positive, as the grandmother in the scenario said to the granddaughter PRESS ON.

What I have seen in life, most times a person or people will be divinely placed in your path to encourage, uplift, and provide just what you need at the right time. Even if a person does not come, praying for direction, consulting with a mentor, or someone who has your best interest at heart are powerful strategies to utilize. In pursuing purpose, completing a project, new venture etc. it doesn’t mean it will always be easy but if it is what you are meant to do………. it will be worth it!!

So, when you feel overwhelmed or simply want to give up on what you are pursuing……..BREATHE, REFLECT, TAKE A MINI-BREAK, and KNOW MOST PEOPLE HAVE FELT THE EXACT SAME WAY. Remember what you are meant to do will not just impact your life positively it will impact others as well!! So you, your vision, and all that you will impact are worth fighting for!! YOU can’t give up, give in, or give out.

YOU ARE FILLED WITH PURPOSE. YOU are filled with DESTINY. YOU will impact others…in fact… you are impacting others now. You may not feel you are impacting others because you do not notice it. Think about your family, friends, co-workers, those you encourage, greet, help, motivate!! Yes, realize you can make the difference in the life of another just by a smile, a kind word, or an act of kindness. Acts of kindness have literally changed my life………so no, you simply can stop now. Pursue purpose, impact others, and know you are making a difference.

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