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AM I ENOUGH? (BODY IMAGE) For Women & College Girls

Updated: Nov 22, 2018


What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you happy with your body image or do you automatically focus on all of your perceived flaws? What exactly is body image you may ask? According to an article in Good Therapy, body image is defined by two key elements (1) a mental picture of your body (size, shape, and appearance) and (2) your attitude toward the physical self (thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about your body).

Honestly, the average size for women in the US according to many articles was a size 14; yet the average size has increased. Shocking right? Magazine covers, television, billboards, and our society seems to focus on the smaller body image for women. It seems as though the thinner the woman is the more beautiful she is portrayed to be. As women, we know it is extremely important we take care of ourselves physically. Taking care of yourself consists of balanced, healthy meals, exercise, scheduled medical exams with your family physician, and finding balance in life.

Have you ever looked at a woman in a magazine or watched a television show and thought, “She is the perfect size; I sure wish I could look like that!” Or possibly, you are unhappy with your size, and have become your own worst critic. I have heard women who were absolutely beautiful, go on and on about their hips being too large, their thighs being absolutely enormous, and feeling as though they do not measure up to other women.

It may be hard to believe, but how you feel about yourself has a huge role in how you see yourself. Have you ever seen a really confident woman? She may be a size 2 or she could be a size 18, yet she walks with assurance, holds her head high, and knows there is no room to compare herself to any other woman. She knows she sets her own standard, and realizes all women have flaws. She is the type of woman when she enters the room her confidence radiates to all in the room. Yes, it is understandable if you desire to get to a healthy weight if you are not there. Although you do not want to go to the extreme in trying to achieve this goal. You want to accomplish this goal in a healthy way even if you have to consult your medical doctor about the best plan for you.

First, you must know there is no need to ever compare yourself to another woman. YOU are an ORIGINAL! Simply put, you are one of a kind. Let’s destroy the thought process that you are not ENOUGH. YOU are MORE THAN ENOUGH. There is no one else that can represent you, Better than YOU! There is no one who brings the uniqueness, creativity, and the special qualities you bring to the world. We have all heard beauty comes from within; which is true. Please let me ask you, "Have you ever met a woman who you thought was physically attractive; yet her attitude was in serious need of an adjustment?" Most of us have! What is perceived as beauty can fade; although inner beauty has no time limit. Women it is beyond important you do not voice criticism about other sisters body image. Remember your words either BUILD or TEAR DOWN.

If you are one who has struggled with body image, and feeling as though you are not enough, know you are not alone in the struggle. Many women struggle secretly with their image. Begin to speak positive versus negative about yourself. Even though this may be hard when others compliment you, graciously receive the compliment. So often, as women we see having assurance about ourselves as being proud. It is definitely not! For example, if someone compliments us about liking our outfit, we automatically say, “This old thing, girl I have had this outfit for years.” Instead of reacting in this manner, simply embrace the compliment and say, “Thank you”.

We live in a society where body shaming has become common place. Body shaming is saying cruel, negative comments about another person’s body image occurring often on social media sites. According to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, negative body image was found to be the predictor of suicidal thoughts in college students; especially young women. Can you begin to see from this study just how important it is to have a positive beliefs about your body image? You may say, “This is not easy for me, I have always struggled with this.” It doesn’t mean you have to always struggle in this area. Beginning with saying daily affirmations, can be a start in the process of beginning to feel better about yourself. It could sound very similar to this, “I am Unique, One of a Kind.” No one can be a better me than me.” “I am valuable, I am worthy, and I am ENOUGH.” Realize this is a process, and you may have to incorporate other positive options for yourself, such as counseling if necessary, support groups, or it just may be your realization in knowing your phenomenal worth to yourself and the world.

If you are that Confident Woman who knows the world wouldn’t be the same without you, Keep Striving to BE YOUR BEST YOU EVER! As you walk in the assurance that you are More Than Enough, realize just in your confidence you are being the example to other women (even girls) that they too can be the EMPOWERED, SELF-ASSURED, PHENOMENAL WOMEN THEY WERE CREATED TO BE!! Remember women gain strength from the empowerment of other women.

Always remember, YOU ARE AN ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE!!! No comparison to others is ever needed!

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