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Healthy Relationships VS Unhealthy Relationships (For College Girls)

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

“He hits me, embarrasses me in front of his friends, and calls me out of my name.” “He tells me he loves me, and when he is not mad he makes me feel so special.” These are the words of a college student. Some of you may have experienced a relationship like this, had a friend in a relationship like the one described above, or are currently in this type of relationship now. The student who made the comments above did eventually end the relationship with her boyfriend. Even though, the relationship ended she did have emotional scars, and had to seek the support of family. The college student said she was often confused as to why he was cursing at her one moment, and the next he would tell her how much he loved her. She also did admit she saw little signs of trouble in her relationship in the beginning but didn’t pay any attention to it because she liked him so much. Unhealthy relationships can lead psychiatric, physical, and emotional difficulties.

Love should never hurt, belittle, embarrass, or cause one to feel trapped and afraid. As a young women with the ability to change the world, you do not have to settle for an unhealthy relationship just to have a boyfriend. Although, I know it can be extremely hard once you are in an unhealthy relationship to know how to free yourself, who to confide in, and even what resources are available to help you. You may be in a relationship of this type, and feel you do not deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and to have a good life. No, you do deserve to have a good life and so much more. If you feel this way please seek the help of a counselor, a professor you may relate to, or a family member.

I have witnessed unhealthy relationships in my own family and know the devastation it can cause to the family of the victim as well as the person who is experiencing the trauma. It is like a sore untreated, a scab may form over the area yet the infected area remains underneath.

Something you must know if you are in this type of relationship……………………

1. You are an original masterpiece.

2. You have so much to offer the world

3. You are important to others

4. You have more strength than you realize; even in the darkest of moments

5. There is nothing to be ashamed of in asking others for help

A healthy relationship is when two people build a connection based on ……………………..

Good Communication, mutual respect, trust, honesty, support, fairness, problem solving, understanding, self-confidence, compromise

An unhealthy relationship characteristics are the following…………………..

Control, hostility, physical violence, sexual violence, disrespect, intimidation, dependence

You are a TRAILBLAZER; Prepare to SOAR!!

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Mary Walton
Mary Walton
Apr 24, 2018

Good job on telling people about how it is important to have someone special in your life, that will give you positive energy instead of negative energy.


Apr 22, 2018

I thought the post about unheathly relationships were very much true. And it can help other people who face that same problem.

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