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Developing A Heart of THANKSGIVING

Every moment creates an opportunity to be THANKFUL. S. Y. Walton

Sweet potato pie, roasted turkey, yams, macaroni &cheese, collards…… your mouth watering yet? These are some of the foods we typically associate with our Thanksgiving celebratory feast. Family and friends gather for a time of laughter, fun, catching up on what has happened in each other lives, and ultimately a time of giving THANKS. Yes, it is a time of thanking God for all blessings. A time of being THANKFUL for family, friends, provision, life and even trials. You may say what, be thankful for my trials? Yes, for you see in times of trials, you truly realize why it is so important to be thankful for even the smallest of blessings.

For some Thanksgiving, immediately causes them to think of Christmas, and Black Friday shopping. Afterall once Thanksgiving arrives, Christmas is only weeks away. It seems like Black Friday, is really becoming Black Thursday! Many of the stores actually have early bird sales beginning on Thursday afternoon. Yet we all know Christmas is much more than gifts, and sales. We also know THANKSGIVING is about more than just one day on the calendar when family travels near and far to celebrate together.

Every day is a day to be THANKFUL! Developing a Heart of Thanksgiving is simply realizing every DAY IS A GIFT. Take a look around…….. go ahead look around. First if you are able to look around……it means you have eyesight……yes, you must give THANKS. I’m sure if you look at yourself, you are fully clothed…….. which means you have clothes to wear……..yes, gotta give more THANKS. If in your mind you can visualize loved ones, family, friends, and those that have been divinely placed in your life that is reason enough to be bubbling over with THANKFULNESS. In developing a Heart of Thanksgiving, begin to look at the small things we sometimes take for granted and begin to give THANKS. The ability to enjoy and appreciate a beautiful day, to watch old classic movies on a rainy day, talking to a loved one you haven’t seen in months, or just to watch the sunset brings joy, and develops a spirit of daily THANKSGIVING.

As I write to you, I too desire to develop my Heart of Thanksgiving even more. Yes, I am so thankful for many blessings, and even little things others do not notice. I definitely know I can be even more THANKFUL because when I look around I know every moment can be a moment of THANKS. A Heart of THANKS doesn’t mean having everything just the way you want it; it means realizing whether you want to admit it or not you truly know you have everything you need. I think about people who live in countries who walk miles to gather water to drink. I think about individuals filled with fear who woke up this morning wondering where they will find their next meal. Or maybe, there are those who have experienced loss this year and this is their first THANKSGIVING without that special person in their life.

Yes, if you truly look closely at your life………. YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!! Take a moment each day to think of something to be THANKFUL for. You may want to begin a daily gratitude journal which is simply writing down things you are grateful for.

Today, I wish you joy, peace, and that a spirit of THANKSGIVING develop in you even more! Enjoy every moment of the day and realize when you look at your life, know you have many, many reasons to be THANKFUL.

The heart of a small child is filled with THANKS for little treasures. S. Y. Walton

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