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DID I SAY YES AGAIN? (Peace in Saying No)

As women, most of us are juggling several important things at one time……, work, personal obligations, friendships and the list goes on and on! Whew! It can make you exhausted just thinking about all that has to be done in a 24 hour day. If we can’t make the day longer, we have to figure out a way to make the most of the valuable time we are given.

I decided to write about saying “NO” because many times women as women when asked to do something no matter what it is, the nurturer within, the woman of not wanting to hurt or deny others rises up. Before we know it we have said YES to a zillion things, and stand in a state of confusion as to how we ended up at this point. I am definitely not saying we cannot say yes to any of the things you are asked to do. What I am saying is how often do you say yes out of habit, to please others, or regretting saying yes as soon as you have said it? Do you lose yourself in saying YES to others so much until you have little time for yourself or family? Many times women desire to please others therefore they feel as though if they are asked to do something they must automatically say YES. No, you have the right, the choice in saying NO.

I think what may be helpful is truly looking at your time and how you manage it. What has been so helpful to me is getting up earlier in the morning to get some of the things I need to do, done earlier. It’s amazing how 30 minutes or an hour earlier than your normal start time can power start your day. What are things you must say yes to? Helping an elderly parent, serving as driving the carpool certain days for your daughter’s softball team, working on a specific committee at work can possibly be on your list of things you must say yes to. Please hear me, you do not have to be on every committee, join every organization, and say YES to every request knowing you can barely even fit yourself in your own schedule.

Prioritize those things you must do, and enjoy doing. Review those areas that are monopolizing too much of your time. It may feel awkward at first, in saying NO to a request of someone asking you to do something. Yet if you know it is something you cannot do, cannot spare the time to do, or already have too much on your plate………there is nothing wrong with saying NO graciously. The awkward feeling you feel when you first say no after saying yes to everything asked will more than likely pass.

What happens when you begin to say NO to things you know are not necessarily meant for you to do. You begin to not feel so bogged down, and you may find a few more moments you can spend with family, friends, and special people who have been divinely placed in your life. Always remember, YOUR TIME is precious. YOU deserve to have time for you! YOU deserve to be a part of things you truly enjoy doing. YOU deserve to have time for family! Make the most of every minute you are given. Realize you are important enough to prioritize your time, and work out a schedule that will most benefit you.

Even in saying NO, you are saying I MATTER & DESERVE A LITTLE TIME JUST FOR ME. Remember time is priceless. Maximize every moment.

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