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During This Time......WE STAND

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

During this time of many questions, many changes, and what feels like a time of uncertainty, WE WILL STILL STAND. No at times, you may feel as though you don’t truly understand what is happening, or desire to stand……. But STAND ANYWAY…….YOU CAN.

What I have seen many times is that when we as a nation go through adversity we somehow RISE, STAND TOGETHER, AND COME OUT STRONGER, WISER, and MORE DETERMINED. Most remember or know of the life-changing occurrence of 9/11. In one day, life changed for the United States, especially New York. Yet during that time of utter devastation people ROSE to help, to comfort, to support, to listen, and to lend a hand to those who they didn’t necessarily know. What happened? PEOPLE STOOD TOGETHER!

Yes, at the present, there are many unanswered questions. Yes, we are embarking on new territories daily. Yes, I have seen the frustration of some due to not understanding, or due to being gripped with fear. But wait.......I have also seen neighbors helping neighbors, children helping the elderly, families bonding even more, and so many more miraculous happenings.

Let me share a story that truly touched my heart. It touched me so because it showed how as a people WE STAND. It was an early morning, and approximately 20 to 30 people were shopping in a local grocery store. We were all quickly trying to gather needed items in preparation for a potential stay at home order from the government. An elderly woman walked slowly toward the cashier and told her she only had a few dollars to spend. The cashier began to ring up her items, and kindly told her the total as she rang up each item. At the very end of ringing up the items, the elderly woman soon realized she didn’t have quite enough money to pay for everything she had. Guess what happened? WE STOOD………WE STOOD and offered support. She had so much support, she grinned and gave the largest smile that I have ever seen. All of us felt a spirit of togetherness/unity.

WE ARE SO MUCH BETTER TOGETHER!! So in times of uncertainty, STAND!!

Realize you do not stand alone. You have the support of community even if it is virtual at the moment. Choose to pray for others, your community, the nation, your families, and those who are trying to help others selflessly. Take care of yourself as you have been instructed by the government. Also, look for small opportunities to bless others(It helps the person, & helps you in unimaginable ways). Practice self-care too (walks, video chatting with loved ones, creative ways to connect with others, eating healthy, meditation, prayer, reading a good novel etc.)

Continue to STAND………Knowing YOU DO NOT STAND ALONE

Blessings to ALL!!!

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