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GIRLS ON FIRE- An Unforgettable Night (Running the Race to Impact Communities)

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

"A "Girl on Fire" flame burns so brightly all are positively impacted, and are forever changed" S.Y. Walton

“I have been selected to be honored?” “What?" "Most people don’t actually know what I do?” "Who would have nominated me?” These are the words I said to the visionary, Marcia Winston, who created an event honoring 20 women who are impacting their communities. I have always been a behind the scenes person, who serves others just because it is what I love, and I believe it is a part of my purpose. I have always given to others because the sheer joy I experience in doing this is joy to the 5th Power. So, someone recognizing me for the things I do privately most of the times, was baffling to me!! But...... I was open to the experience. I knew if Marcia felt led by God to do this I had to submit to the process, support, and accept the honor.

November 10, 2018, the night of the event is a night I will never forget. It was unforgettable not because I was recognized but I clearly saw how a thought became a dream, and how with perseverance the dream was manifested and came to life beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. It was a night I was in total AWE of even the smallest details that were orchestrated so beautifully. The visionary, Marcia Winston shared with me, I see women being honored who are celebrities all the time. We have women who are striving to make a difference in our communities and they deserve to be recognized too! Powerful right? Powerful, that one woman would take that thought, and work tirelessly to make it a reality.

So what did the Girl on Fire do that doesn’t like the spotlight, and was in a state of AWE from the very moment she entered the building? I embraced it, absorbed every beautiful moment, and celebrated each woman that was being honored. I was captivated in the beauty of each woman in their beautiful gowns, angelic smiles, and their regal stand as each one began to celebrate one another. There were women from all walks of life that were being honored from business owners, a superintendent of a school system, a sheriff, a lawyer, judge, First Ladies of Churches, beautician, community stakeholders……….and yes authors too . I noticed how each woman so very unique had certain things that were common among all of them. What were the commonalities? Did the "Girls on Fire" notice they had many things in common? I believe as each heard others speak........slowly one by one each woman begin to realize.......there was a common theme they all shared.

Each woman simply serves with tenacity, and compassion like none other. Each woman desires a positive difference in their community, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and get dirty to do what is needed to make this happen. Yes, they may have been in beautiful dresses November 10, 2018, but each day they strive to make a difference. Some are in the forefront, and some are behind the scenes……..but they are working. Working so that all of us will have better communities, more enriched lives, and more opportunities for youth, and people in general.

To all women……..

It does not matter if you have a degree or not………YOU ARE WORTHY

It does not matter if you have thousands in the bank or nothing at all in the bank……YOU ARE WORTHY

It does not matter what your job title is ……….no woman is greater that you……..YOU ARE WORTHY

What you must always realize…….you impact lives every day (friends, children, neighbors, church family, spouses, and those that simply come into your path)

No matter what you feel your flaws are, or things you feel like are mountains in your life……….YOU ARE WORTHY OF EVERY GOOD, and WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY.





"No, your journey has not is a journey of wonderful surprises,and blessings. Even challenges will only bring strength and increased compassion." S. Y. Walton

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