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How Do You See It...........Perspective

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

As Sonya looked out of the window she sighed. Another dreary, rainy day. It rained so hard it was difficult to see the beautiful sunflowers in the window of the quaint floral shop directly across the street from her apartment. No shopping and lunch with her friends in the park today. Her plans were completely ruined. Saturday was her only day she had to do gardening due to her busy work schedule. Rain, yuck, it made everything feel dreary.

Trina lived three blocks from Sonya. She smiled as the rain watered her vegetable garden. It had been so hot the past two weeks. Her garden had definitely felt the impact as well as her rose bushes. Even if there wasn't a garden, Trina absolutely loved when it rained. It reminded her of when she was a little girl. Trina and her parents would dance in the rain especially on the scorcher hot days in Texas. The rain reminded her of some of the best memories of her childhood.

Two different views all about a rainy day. Most of us can understand both perspectives. One who sees rain as making everything unbearable, and the other who see’s rain as the life-restorer. Do you believe our perspective has the power to change our situation? In many cases, it certainly can!

I am sure you have seen those who have endured unbelievable tragedies yet were able to bounce back with a new outlook, perspective, or lease on life. I remember someone very close to me who had endured so many losses, and unexpected challenges in her life. Yes, she grieved the losses, and even took time away briefly. Yet, her perspective caused me to stand in awe of her outlook, and helped me to learn in ways I had not imagined. She intentionally chose to live life at a whole new courageous level. New experiences, cherishing loved ones intensely, doing those things she absolutely loved, and striving to make a difference in the lives of others. She loved at a much deeper level. Those closest to her could see and feel the difference. She had changed. She was living more fully on purpose. She had a new perspective. Her changed perspective impacted me. It helped me to see things within my life differently. She has begun to challenge others to live fully, love deeply, and become intentional about helping/blessing others.

I know personally, a positive perspective has helped me to face challenges, handle difficult situations, and provided peace.

Choose to have a positive perspective even when it can be different than what you may have imagined. If this is an area that has been a struggle, confide in someone trustworthy, seek counsel if needed, and definitely re-evaluate the situation. Always remember your perspective makes a difference. Also know your perspective impacts those you encounter, and are the closest too. Your perspective, and thoughts can be life-changing to others. Begin to watch those you encounter, within your inner circle, family, and are impacting every day!! (Never doubt that!!)

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