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Investing In Others........ The Return is Priceless

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Serving as a visual reminder to others of your survival through adversity can be an investment into a person's life.....S. Y. Walton

As I sat in a local restaurant waiting to pick up an order, I was surprised yet overjoyed to see someone I hadn’t seen in a very long time. We embraced, screamed for joy, and stared at each other as if we hadn’t seen each other in ten years. No, it hadn’t been ten years but it had definitely been a while. It had been too long! As we tried to catch up about each other lives our conversation somehow moved to the topic of investment. No, I’m not referring to investing money in a special project, a bank account, or any type of financial investment. I am referring to the investment you many times do not even realize you are making into others lives. I often say to people I meet, you are making an impact on others daily whether you realize it or not. So think about where you work and if you do not work think of the people you come into contact with on daily basis. Have you watched how they react when you make time to give a word of encouragement, or even a simple compliment? Or let’s go a little further………have you noticed how the same person reacts when you take time and really listen to their moments of joy, triumphs, struggles, and even their moments of uncertainty? Or what about when you gave the person a small gift, treated them to lunch, or simply gave them a card of inspiration? What are you doing? You are investing into someone’s life. You may think to make an investment into someone else’s life you have to do this huge, well planned out to the smallest of details event! No, definitely not so…….. it is the small things you do daily that you may think nothing of …….. that truly impacts others.

Sometimes believe it or not your presence, and being a visual reminder to someone else who knows you have gone through adversity and made it through is a way of investing. I know it sounds strange but when others can see you have gone through something that should have broken you …… but you made it through, it gives them hope. It reminds them if she can make it; so can I! It reminds them if you are still standing so can they. Isn’t it awesome to think your presence, and your survival of circumstances can serve as investment into someone else’s life. Don’t doubt it; just believe it!

Your life has purpose. I truly believe one of those purposes is your impact on others. You may be able to impact others that no one else can reach……..but YOU. The people that you think do not need any investment are the very ones who are yearning for someone to believe, intercede, and invest in them. What is so beautiful about investing in others is; your investment has a limitless return. That’s right……when you invest in others there is a strong probability the one you invested in will begin to invest in others as well. So, you will never know what your legacy will be because your impact and what you have given to others will never be able to be truly measured. This simply means your impact on others is without limits because it will go on and on.

Always remember to truly invest in others you must first invest in yourself. It is never selfish to have “ME TIME”. Do things that motivate, stimulate, inspire, and stir up the gifts that you have been uniquely given. Do things that pour back into you. You naturally pour into others so it is a must you have activities that are relaxing, invigorating, and essentially build YOU!

YOUR investment into others is life-giving, and life-changing.

Investing into the lives of others undeniably must first begin with investment into yourself first....S. Y. Walton

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