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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

At my recent book signing, I asked the question……What happens when the dream becomes bigger than you but there is adversity at every turn? Our lives are never promised to be without turns and twists on the journey of life. There will be times in your life where you have mountaintop exhilarating experiences. Yet there may also be difficult valley experiences that at times seem to never end. But, if they come they can surely end and you again can ARISE to continue to move forward. Simply put, when the dream is bigger than you, even when difficulties ARISE………you realize you cannot let the DREAM DIE. The DREAM has to LIVE!

There are things you were specifically created to do. There are people only you will be able to reach to assist, and dreams that you are supposed to fulfill. Sounds strange? Have you ever spoken an encouraging word to someone and they said, “ I am so thankful I saw you today. You really made me feel better.” What would have happened if you never gave that person an encouraging word? What if you chose to walk past them, and not encourage? They may have continued to have a bad day, or even given up on themselves & the purpose that lies within them. You impact others more than you know. You can never say you do not make a difference. If you surveyed the people within your inner circle I am certain they would tell you the difference you have made in their lives and in the lives of others.

So, the dreams you have, the passions you have, the ideas you have…………you have them for a reason. Dreams can come true but work has to be a part of fulfilling the dream. Many times the dreams that are to be fulfilled will not just help you but will help others. Someone said to me recently, “I had so many dreams but I put them aside and said I would do them later. One year went by…..then two…..then ten and I still haven’t fulfilled my dreams.” I have heard this so many times from others. It’s almost as if some of us feel like we don’t deserve to pursue and have our dreams. This is not true!! I told the person referenced above, it is never too late to fulfill your dreams. You can work towards your dream…….. and never give up in believing your dream will manifest.

Don’t just live……..





Never ever give up on all you were created to do.

Someone may be depending on you fulfilling your dream to help them on their life’s journey. Always remember, you impact others......even when you don't realize you do!!

Live fully.......Maximize EVERY Moment

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