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Taking OFF The Mask.........YOU ARE WORTHY

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

As the person I knew all too well, stopped by to visit, she entered my home with the biggest smile I had ever seen. In my mind I just knew she must have had some really good news to tell me, had heard a really good joke, or was just having an amazing day. Either way, I patiently waited for her to get settled so she could tell me what had her in such an amazing mood. What happened next, was definitely not what I was expecting. She went from smiling, to weeping. This was not an ordinary cry. It was a cry that seemed as if she had been desperately looking for a safe place to release what could have been bothering her for some time. To the world she presented with a beautiful smile, yet when she knew she wouldn't be judged she found the courage to release........ How often do women wear a mask for the world yet truly need a safe place to express feelings, a place to find comfort? Or just a safe place where they can authentically be themselves?

Too often, I hear many share what they wish they could share with others yet somehow feel they cannot. For many it is FEAR, fear of not being accepted, fear of being seen differently, or the fear of someone sharing what they have held close within their hearts. I will always say women are normally seen as nurturers; always caring for others. This was said to me and I know it to be true (If we are not careful, we will be very last on our To-Do Lists). Simply said, we have to be ever so careful we fully take care of ourselves emotionally, and realize it is ok to not be ok sometimes (release the perfection mask).

When you make the decision to truly take off the mask you have been wearing for the world…… may not be easy but it is necessary. Always realize you are enough just as you are, and there is no such thing as a perfect woman. There is such a thing as a woman striving daily to be the best version of who she has been created to be. Yes, you can be a woman who realizes she is to learn from her mistakes. Realize it’s ok to embrace all of who you are. Know by far just being yourself brings joy to others. Always know it is ok to laugh, even at yourself.

The beauty of truly being who you are is knowing you are not meant to travel the journey of life of alone. We all need help, support, encouragement, and yes it is perfectly ok to have a confidant. A confidant, or confidants are those who you know love you authentically, have your best interests at heart, and are those you can share your heart’s desires/concerns with. Masks can hinder, and cause you to be stuck in a state you may feel like is hopeless.

Now, I am a firm believer if there are issues or wounds that may require extra attention and assistance for emotional growth and healing. There is nothing wrong in seeking counseling (whether traditional or pastoral counseling). It is important you always know you are worthy to live your best life now, not tomorrow……..but starting today.

Remember you are an Original, and no one can be a better YOU than YOU!!

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