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When Adversities & Challenges Come Like a Roaring Lion

What happens when challenges come into your life like a roaring lion seeking it's next prey? Do you run for cover praying it will all go away after a good night's rest? Or do you face challenges head on feeling like this is just another test of life that you definitely will pass? We all react to challenges, and trials in different ways. Many of us secretly wish there were no challenges, and life was just one happy never ending moment filled with joy, love, and more pleasure than we can imagine. If it were only that simple? I must be honest with you; as long as we are on the journey of life we will face challenges, trials, twists and unexpected turns in our lives. Sometimes the challenges can literally take your breath away, and cause you to question why you are currently experiencing this at this point in your life. Or you could face a particular challenge that in an instant transforms your life like you never would have dreamed. Yes, most of us have faced trials we never thought we would make it through or a turn in our lives that appeared one way yet turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I remember like it was yesterday speaking with someone who was at a fork in the road in her life. One road would lead her to new opportunities, a new environment, and the challenge of starting all over in her life. Or she could stay on the same path she was on. This path she felt she had outgrown, and was not maximizing all she had to offer regarding her position at work. She simply felt like she was in a game where she had been tagged to "freeze in her life (stagnated)" when she didn't ask to play the game at all. Decisions, decisions, decisions what was she to do? Honestly, she took a step back to look at both paths. She looked long and hard. She prayed, and she decided for her the challenge of starting new was the best option for her. Fast forward, four years later, she says this was the best decision she ever made. She loves her new life. She also will tell anyone who asks if it had not been for the challenge she faced prior to moving to a new environment she would have never made the decision to have a fresh start in relocating. You see, for her even though the challenges she was experiencing were difficult, heartbreaking, and tiresome, it led to a wonderful new beginning for her.

I remember my grandmother saying to her friends and anyone who would listen, " Trouble don't last always, baby. After the rain, comes the beautiful sunshine!" Many times when we are experiencing a trial or a challenge we believe it will never end, and this is our fate in life. Many times just as quickly as a trial comes ; a trial can also move out of your life leaving you so grateful you made it through this season.

When trials come realize you do not have to go through the experience alone. There are trustworthy people you can talk to (close friend, parent, counselor, spouse). Next, if help is needed to get through what you are experiencing reach out to obtain resources or ask loved ones of resources that can help you. Also, know a trial can be difficult, and even painful. Monitor your emotions and rather that isolating/withdrawing from others continue to interact and lean on others for support. Every trial, and situation is different yet typically the trial will pass.

Most times I know especially for me, I learn something new from the trial. I gain strength in enduring the trial. I also become more sensitive to others who are facing the same trial, and can even share with them some things that helped me overcome the challenge. I know you have heard this before but many times when we experience trials, the trials are not truly about us, but they are about the people we will be able to help because of what we have gone through.

From one sister to sister, don't give up on yourself or the faith in knowing you will victoriously make it through whatever challenge you may be facing as you read this post. I pray peace embraces you, joy overtakes you, and little by little you come out of challenges faced stronger than you ever imagined!! Always remember "YOU ROCK", and "YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND". Many blessings to you now and always

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