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Where Does the Time Go?

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

How do you spend your time? Make the most of every moment of time~~~~

Where does the time go? This is an age old question most of us ask ourselves daily. We look at our watch or the office clock and hours have passed by without us even realizing it occurred. Most of us try to squeeze or cram everything we can into a day whether by choice or because we feel like we have to. Most of us try to balance family, work, church, personal obligations, and everything else into a week that seems to be dwindling away moment by moment. Sometimes at the end of a long, exhausting day, we fall into our favorite chair at home, look back and wonder how we were able to get everything done. It’s simple, we multi-task, some of us plan ahead, and some of us rush around like our house is literally on fire trying to make it happen all in one day.

Yes, there are many tasks undeniably that we have to get done, yet do you ever stop to think just how important time is? Think about the last time you spent with a friend and just laughed, or simply enjoyed a meal together. Or what about precious moments you spend with your child, whether watching a movie, or just having time to talk about concerns or the wonders of life. So many times you hear the elderly in our lives talk about how precious time is. They have a true appreciation for time. Life has taught them special moments are all we truly have. I know for me in being with family members near the final days of their lives, I never heard one, not one, say they wish they had worked more hours, sent more texts, posted more on Facebook. Do you know what I have observed, and what has been written about people when they are in the final stages of their lives? I will tell you. Most wish they could spend more time with loved ones, wish they had time to tell someone how much they loved them, or just could have one last hug, one last conversation, or one last laugh with a special person in their lives. We can learn from this, and make the most of time while we still have the opportunity to do so.

So when is the last time you called someone, just to see how he or she was doing? When is the last time you planned a special day with your son or daughter? When is the last time you invited someone to your home or out to a restaurant just to enjoy time with them? Now, the trick, to truly spending time with someone is to be fully present in the moment---------no cellphones allowed. I know this is hard for some of us. You have to realize you are there to spend a couple of hours with someone. You are creating a memory for life.

Managing time can be challenging. Here are tips I found in reading an article that might be helpful to you. The tips were definitely helpful to me!! (1) Know your goals (work towards your short-term and long term goals) (2) Prioritize wisely (3) Just say no (you can’t do everything LOL) (4) Plan ahead (5) Eliminate distractions (6) Delegate more often (don’t feel guilty, just delegate) (7) Watch what you spend (8) Take care of yourself (This is a number one goal!!!). Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all wonderful if used correctly; yet when it consumes all of your time and energy this is not healthy for you and can impact relationships.

Always remember TIME is precious. TIME is not something you can get back. People in your lives need you to be present in the moment fully with them. Life is short------make the most of every moment.

YOU DESERVE TO BE THE BEST YOU; YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE!! So, go out, and make the most memorable moments ever.

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