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A MOTHER'S LOVE (Different Types of Mothers)

Updated: May 8

Mother’s Day as we all know is a day set aside to honor mothers for being the very important individuals they are. A day normally where mothers are showered with love, flowers, special dinners, and visits from children near and far. We all know even though this day is absolutely wonderful to honor mothers; mothers are mothers every day. For girls, a mother is the first representation of what a woman is, and serves as a role model to the girl of what she is to become.

A mother’s role compares to none other. She sacrifices, and will even go without to ensure her children have. Her heart breaks if anything hurts or hinders her child. Yet even if her heart is breaking when the child experiences a difficultly, she remains steadfast in standing with her child, and doing everything within her power to ensure her child not only gets through the struggle but ultimately has a victorious triumph. She lays aside her worries, and is there sacrificially for her child.

Even when the child is small, the mother rejoices in every small victory. The child learning to ride a bike, attending first day of school, scoring well on a test, and even when the child begins to learn to read (sometimes mispronouncing every other word but to the mom; it’s time to celebrate because they got some of the words correct) are the greatest rewards to the overjoyed mother. A good mother is there every step of the way from birth, and throughout all of the years of their child’s life.

Yet, I have learned something very important. All mothers are not biological mothers. In my family we have those who have been “placed through love in the family” or the more familiar term to most is adopted into our family. So is an adoptive mom still a mom? Yes, she is. She was given the unique opportunity of choosing the child or children she would selflessly love, and nurture. In my family those that are adopted are just as special and just as much a part of my family as any other family member.

Many people forget about this type of mother but I simply can’t because I have been around too many who have made such a huge impact on other children/women lives. These mothers are spiritual mothers. I know, you may say I have never heard of that type of mother; what do they do? A spiritual mother invests their time, love, wisdom, and faith in a child, children, or other women. The spiritual mother may or may not have biological children yet she loves so deeply, so passionately, and with so much intensity until the child/woman she is investing into life is forever changed.

I would write amiss if I did not acknowledge, some women unfortunately have living mothers although their relationships are very strained or almost non-existent. Past hurts, arguments, issues, have caused strife within the mother and daughter, and the relationship has been wounded. I would say to you, yes things may have happened that were hurtful, and wrong on either side……….. but if at all possible, try to come to a place of forgiveness. In another post, I discussed how FORGIVENESS IS FOR YOU not for the other person. If you can not come to a place of forgiveness it is like you are trapped in the moment of when you were hurt. If your relationship can be reconciled that is the ultimate goal; if it can not, if you can forgive it will help in providing a sense of peace for you. Time is precious therefore you don’t want to continue to put it off especially if you know the relationship can be reconciled.

There are also those women who had remarkable mothers yet they are no longer with us. The loss of your mother can be heart-shattering, and an extremely difficult time. Some women learn to cope with the loss of their mother and seem to move forward with life with ease. Yet there are others, who agonize over the loss of their mother, and Mother’s Day becomes a painful remembrance of all of the things missed about their mother. Personally, I know if you are in this category missing your mother is natural. This is the woman who gave you life. Why wouldn't you miss her? Yet, after the tears, after the feelings of “I wish my mom were here”, how can you honor her memory. A few suggestions I think you can consider are talking with others about your special relationship with your mom, reaching out to do something special with older mothers in your community, volunteering, begin a foundation in your mother’s honor. Give yourself permission to miss your mother, but give yourself the challenge of moving forward in life gracefully and positively; as she would have desired you to. No, some days won’t be easy, some days may be very hard. But with each step, you are moving forward in a way she (YOUR MOTHER) would be proud of.



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May 12, 2018

This blog is amazing because not just on mothers day but everyday, you should always show your love and appreciation towards your mother.

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