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Am I My Sister's Keeper? No Competition Necessary

Are you your sister’s keeper? Yes, you are. This may sound a little odd to some yet, I encourage you to keep reading. Society may tell us as women that we should compete in who is the best dressed, lives in the fanciest house, who has the most prestige, or who has the largest bank account. Does solely possession of these things bring lasting joy? No, it can only bring superficial, temporary happiness; not the joy and peace that you truly deserve and need.

Have you ever watched a woman being encouraged by another woman? How does the woman being encouraged react? Normally, she begins to smile, or even shed tears of joy. If she is slumped in her stance she begins to stand tall. What is truly happening to her? She is becoming encouraged, empowered, and given a glimmer of hope from a fellow sister. No there is no cost to encourage a sister, yet the payoff is priceless.

What if I told you the next woman you encounter today is contemplating suicide, but your words of encouragement can change her entire life? Your approach or conversation may be a little different if you knew her state of her hopelessness. That’s the thing, you don’t know how you are impacting others. You may not even realize how much your words or the lack of them matter. All of us, no matter age or stage in life like to be complimented, encouraged, and to feel needed. All of us need to be heard, and to belong. Even if you have had a disagreement with a sister, go to her with love to try to come to a resolution if possible.

Being your sister’s keeper is simply encouraging, motivating, praying for, assisting and speaking life versus death over your sister. No, it does not have to necessarily be your best friends, family members, or co-workers. It could be the sales clerk at Walmart, your elderly neighbor, someone who is currently unemployed, or the waitress at your favorite restaurant.

Personally, I can remember a time in my life where I had several family members to pass within months of each other. The words from some of the women in my circle of influence spoke life to the very places where I hurt the most. The women probably had no idea how the depth of their words, kindness, and support propelled me forward.

Time out for derogatory comments, jealousy, gossip, and comments that tear down versus building your sister.

Time out for hating your sister, try embracing her with kindness instead.

Time out for having shouting matches with your sisters (You are creating a lose/lose situation instead of a win/win situation)

Time out for any gesture, plan, or plot to try to hinder your sister (WE ARE BUILDERS & NURTURERS)

Instead of competing with your sister; CELEBRATE HER, CONGRATULATE HER, PRAISE HER …LOVE HER

Ok, the clock is ticking…… Let’s get to work on being the champion in someone else’s life

Pour into another sister’s life in your own special way. There are sisters just waiting for encouragement, a helping hand, kind gesture, and a sense of hope that you can freely give.

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