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Do you remember what it was like when you were a little girl? The dreams you shared with your mom, dad, family members, and teachers. Basically anyone who would listen became your audience of what you were going to do when you grew up. It may have sounded a little like this-----“ When I grow up I am going to be meteorologist, baker, singer, writer, lawyer, teacher, cosmetologist or you may have been bold enough to say I want to become the President! So, what happens to our dreams as we become adults? Do they magically disappear? Do the dreams no longer have priority in our lives? Please allow me to explain what I think happens to some of the dreams for some of us. Life happens! We become so busy with family, work, obligations, and day to day activities until we feel there is no room for us nevertheless a DREAM. For some, maybe you were told you do not have talent enough to pursue your dreams. Or maybe you just don’t feel you have what it takes to make your dreams become a reality. Maybe someone abruptly said to you, “You better be happy with your 9 to 5 job, at least it pays the bills.” Please, know it is important to meet the demands of life and take care of yourself and your family. But what about your DREAMS?

Dreams are those things in life you typically do with ease. They are the fuel to the fire inside of you. They are things you would do even if no money was involved. Basically, dreams are the things you absolutely love to do! As you can probably tell, for me it is writing. I have written poetry for churches, special occasions, events, school programs and sometimes just to have a form of expression. Writing is something that brings peace, joy, and fulfillment for me in ways that I cannot express in words. Do you have something you would like to do in life that makes you feel the way I feel about writing? There is a wonderful, joyful woman at my church who has a divine gift for decorating. She comes into a plain ordinary room, and when she is finished putting her divine gift into action, you have a Majestic Masterpiece. She decorates with such ease, is humble in nature, and it is such a joy to be in her presence. Before you ask her can she decorate for an even, she normally says “YES, I’ll decorate”, and is ready for the challenge. She definitely has a gift that is meant to be shared with others. Have you ever heard, “Your gift will make room for you?” Basically this means all of us have gifts to use not just for ourselves but to be shared with others too. Your gifts if you use them will open up opportunities that are beyond your wildest dreams. Just for a moment, think about your favorite singer, writer, artist, actor-----If you notice, it is amazing to see their talent on display. It captivates you, and leaves you wanting more and more. This began as a dream, then a vision, then the vision had to have an action plan, and now the dream has become a GIFT for all to enjoy!

So, you may be reading this feeling as though I know I have gifts but don’t know where to start to fulfill my dream. Or does this sound like you, “I simply don’t have the finances for my dream.” You may even think your dream is too big to accomplish. I would simply say to you start small, share your dreams with those that are dire hard supporters of you, invest time into research about your dream, and if possible reach out to those who are doing what you are striving to do (Yes, you may have to read literature from those who are successful in the area of your dream). If you never try, how do you know you can’t reach your dreams? What would happen if you gave it your all, and your dreams became a reality? Yes, it may not work as easy as that------- but truthfully, you want to leave this world empty; meaning you have pursued your dreams, and even if you fail, you got back up, dusted yourself off, and kept trying.

Developing an action plan does not have to be complex. It is setting short-term goals, long term goals, and building a team of those who can help you with the dream(It doesn’t have to be an army of people, but please make sure it is comprised of those who have your best interest at heart). Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those who may be talented in an area, and are exactly who you need on your team to assist you. Networking with others is key! This may sound silly to some, but it is a good practice to write the above down as well as the progress you are making towards your dream. Be forgiving of yourself, if you do not accomplish every goal as fast as you would like, but be motivated enough to continue to run the race towards your dream.

Ok, I definitely could not leave this part out because you may encounter this on your journey. What about those naysayers, dream killers, and vision doubters? Personally, I like to call them dream elevators! No, everyone is not going to believe in your pursuit of your dreams. Nor will they support, or be as excited for you as you make steps towards your goals. Please, please do not let this stop you! This can hurt when it’s those who are close to you, all of a sudden are nowhere to be found. JUST KEEP MOVING, STRIVING, BELIEVING, and BEING YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER IF YOU HAVE TO!! Dream elevators unfortunately may be envious, close minded, and even though this is hard to hear just are not concerned about your vision. It’s YOUR VISION; SO YOU HAVE TO WORK IT UNTIL IT MANIFESTS. Even if you do not have anyone else to support you, let me sincerely say to the world, if it is what you are divinely meant to do, “I BELIEVE IN YOU”. I do not have to know you to believe in your success. Remember we on the journey of life to encourage, and uplift one another.

I desire nothing but the very best for you! I love to see people SOAR IN REACHING THEIR GOALS. I simply love to see people BE THE BEST THEY CAN POSSIBLY BE. Do not feel like it is too late to start your dream. If you are still thinking about it---when are you going to move from thinking to developing an action plan? Remember, do not say what is not possible for you until you have at least tried. This is the title of an affirmation I wrote for a school-------DESTINED FOR GREATNESS. You must believe in you before anyone else can. Many blessings to you on your journey!

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Apr 25, 2018

This blog called will the dreamers please stand up is excellent. If you have a dream you shouldnt give up on it. Even if it is hard and tough, always be willing to go that extra mile.

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